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AF3 SMC Joya Sanitary Napkin (Belt) 8 pcs

Joya Belt is the most affordable and best belt system sanitary napkin available in the market. It is the first scented sanitary napkin in Bangladesh. Joya Belt ensures highest quality with maximum absorption. The pad length is 490 mm (unfolded).

Chashi Aromatic Chinigura Rice 1kg

Chashi Aromatic Chinigura Rice is hygienically processed and polished by automated machines from specifically selected premium quality white rice using modern technology which provides you with the best quality rice. Its natural aroma adds a unique taste and flavor to biryani, pulao, khichuri, desserts, etc.

Dove Beauty Bar Pink 135 gm

DOVE Pink Beauty Bar combines a gentle cleansing formula with DOVE’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream to give you softer, smoother

Fresh Fortified Soyabean Oil 5 ltr

Fresh Fortified Soyabean Oil follows 3 steps of refining process-Perfect Degumming & Neutralization, Balanced De-colorization and Five steps Deodorization to

Happy Valley Cheese Slices,12 slices 200 gm

  • 12 individually wrapped slices per pack
  • 16.7 gm per slice
  • Convenient, easy to use
  • Made with 65% natural cheese.
  • No artificial colour or flavour.
  • Ideal for vegetarians

Harpic Liquid Toilet Cleaner Original 750 m

Highlights: Removes tough stains Kills 99.9% of germs Leaves toilet sparkly Clean, hygienic and visibly neat Description: Harpic Toilet Cleaner

Huggies Ultra Baby Diaper Belt M (5-10 kg) 60 pcs

  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Huggies Baby Diaper Ultra absorb quickly to help stop leaks and offer up to 12 hours of long-lasting leakage protection to help keep baby dry throughout all his daily adventures.

Knorr Thai Soup 28 gm 5 pcs

Classic Thai soup with carefully chosen real chicken and the best-quality vegetables. Just add one egg and enjoy restaurant- like

Meril Milk Soap Bar 100 gm

Who doesn’t wish for a fresh and soft, velvety skin? To your rescue from skin roughness and protecting against it,

Mozammel Special Miniket Rice – 10Kg

  • Mozammel Special Miniket Rice 10Kg
  • The Mozammel Special Miniket Rice is a parboiled rice, quite famous and staple rice of Bengal. It is white and extra long and has a beautiful, subtle aroma. It is acknowledged for properties like high nutrition value, extra long grains and being simple to digest. Serve it hot with selected choice of daal with a dash of pure ghee and Jhuri alu bhaja/assorted papads.

Nescafe Original Coffee (Indonesia) 200 gm

Nescafe Original Coffee Savor the wonderfully rich and refreshing aroma of this medium-dark roast.Quality beans has been blend then roast

Nestlé Maggi Healthy Soup Corn With Chicken 25 gm 4 pcs

A delicious combination of corn and chicken flavour, this soup is a classic. Add an egg to make this yummy
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