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ACI Aerosol Insect Spray 475 ml

  • Origin: Bangladesh
  • Manufacturing: ACI Limited
  • ACI aerosol insect spray kills mosquitoes that may carry dengue, malaria and chikungunya.
  • Ingredients: 0.20% w/w prallethrin, 0.15% w/w D-Phenothrin

ACI Pure Flour (Atta) 2 kg

Carbohydrate plays a vital role in daily diet chart and flour is the most important source of gaining carbohydrates. ACI Pure takes extra care to keep things as natural as possible. Origin: Bangladesh Manufacturing: ACI Pure Flour Limited

ACI Pure Suji 500 gm

ACI Pure Suji is produced from the finest wheat using state of the art European technology. The advanced techniques help

ACI Pure Vermicelli (Shemai) 200 gm

ACI Pure Vermicelli is hygienically prepared with high quality ingredients using modern technology that is very tasty.